Leatherhead Methodist Church

At the end of May a group of our young people attended

This was a festival for 30,000 christians to celebrate and worship together in Sussex

Our young people accompanied by a group of parents, camped on the site, They were able to visit lots of events on site, as well as experience the joy of meeting with many other christians from lots of different churches.

There were facilities for eating, entertainment, and lots of music venues.

The main stage was a central position from where lots of christian music groups provided an inspiring programme.

The greatest experience was to share worship in a congregation of 30,000.

We are grateful to Joycey and the parents who attended with him, to enable the whole party to have an experience to both remember, and challenge them.

He looks pleased here on the final day, as he reflects on the experience.


We trust that our young people will be challenged by this wonderful experience.