Leatherhead Methodist Church

Each Good Friday, christians in the Leatherhead area get together for a Walk of Witness. This to show that they share the same Lord, and are prepared to walk about the town to express their faith.


We started this year at the Community Hub in Kingston Road. We carried a cross at the head of our procession as we continued to the next part of our walk.

Our next stop was at the Kings Croft Chapel at the junction of Kingscroft Road and the Leatherhead bypass.

We paused at each stop for a reading from the Bible. and a prayer as we reflected on the events and meaning of Easter.

The next part of our walk took us up Copthorne Road to the junction with Garlands Road.

The crowd walked silently or in quiet conversation.

This brought us to the area next to Leatherhead Catholic Church where we could assemble, off the road, in order to share in a time of prayer and reflection.

We then carried on to the junction of Garlands Road and Epsom Road, where we could turn right towards the town centre.

As we progressed towards the town our walk took us past the Leatherhead Institute, which is regarded as both a cultural and social focal point in the town.

The road was filled with walkers as they reached the pedestrian area of the town centre.

When we reached the bottom of the High Street we had an opportunity to share our faith with shoppers and residents that had visited the town centre.

We then walked on up Church Street, as we continued quietly onwards.

At the end of Church Street we turned left into Church Road, where we had our first view of the parish church.


We stopped outside the parish hall for a further reflection before we continued our walk down Church Road.

Our final stop was at the Methodist Church, where we assembled in the car park for our final reading and prayer.

We then went inside the Methodist hall for refreshments, and a time of sharing and conversation.